Optimus prime isn't officially the autobot lead anymore he passed that mantle to bumblebee but he's joined the mission and become a core part of the team. Even though he's not operating at full strength, he volunteers to lead the roving autobot squad. The legendary warrior has immense knowledge and great power to share. Naturally, the other autobots still look to him for guidance. While Optimus prime clearly sees the potential in Bumblebee old habits die hard. The greatest challenge for the long time commander will not come from the decepticons. It will come from within. Optimus prime must learn to hold back even when the team is under fire and looking to him for answers and let bumblebee become the leader he's destined to be.


Bumblebee is the heroic leader of the autobot team on earth. Whether in bot mode or his yellow sports car mode, bee always wants to do his best so that he can make his mentor, optimus prime, proud. Bee's first mission on earth is a challenging one. He must lead his team in capturing all of the decepticons who escaped the alchemor, a prison ship that crash landed. Bee must also teach his team to be "robots in disguise," which proves difficult when it comes to detaining giant mechanical beasts who are rampaging crown city. Despite some corny catchphrases from time to time, bumblebee has shaped his ragtag bunch of bots into a lean, mean decepticon-catching team!


Sideswipe thinks fast and moves even faster. He doesn't have time for anyone or anything that makes him pump the brakes, and that includes orders from bumblebee, he likes the thrill of the chase and the rush of capturing decepticons. If he has to listen to a few commands to do it, no bigs. It's not like he has to do exactly what Bumblebee says, right?


This t-rex is like a big, metallic puppy... Whose favorite game is smashing bad guys. Grimlock loves to punch things and hates to miss a good fight, even though sometimes bumblebee says he has to because his alternate mode is hard to disguise. Thankfully, that doesn't stop him from showing up and smashing enemies when his autobot buddies need him most.


Strongarm didn't write the book on proper police procedures. She just memorized every rule, regulation, law, statute, code, department guideline, pursuit strategy, and police tactic her processors could hold. She knows the rules so well, she'd probably get them tattooed on her armor, if that weren't a violation of departmental code.



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